Diary: August 1 2014



1.55 Café Society

2.30 Shifting Power

3.05 Velox

3.40 G Force

4.50 Eva Peron


6.25 Shortest SP out of Steal the Scene and Sawaahel


3.30 Big Johnny D

4.05 Commander Kirkup

4.40 Caledonia

Diary: July 29 2014



1.55 Ajman Bridge, Magic Hurricane and Stomachion form my short list for this one. I will go for a split stake with Stomachion and Ajman Bridge.

2.30 Beacon has done well for us thus far so I’ll stick with him.

3.05 Too0rmore is a course winner and 3 year olds have a good record in this race.

3.40 I will take a chance here on a bit of an outsider and side with the Newmarket raider Big Thunder.

Diary: July 26 2014


2.40 Split stake – Glorious Empire/Sir Guy Porteous

3.15 Split stake- Abseil/Ayaar

3.50 Telescope

5.00 Hooded


2.10 Belgrade

3.55 Fast Track

5.05 Munaaser


3.30 Split stake- Muthmir/Out Do